As a Realtor®, I pride myself on being a community resource and neighborhood expert. Recently, I added another area of expertise to my list – estate planning.

A few months ago, our family made the decision to place a family member in a nursing home. After trying in-home care with little success, we went through the process of having our family member admitted to the Veterans Home of Paramus. While this is an emotional and difficult decision to come to terms with, there are a number of financial and legal factors involved as well.

As an advocate for our family members who made these decisions and having now been through the process, I want to offer not only my ear to others who might be facing the same situation, but also our experience. Please reach out if you find yourself with questions about estate planning, in-home care services or area nursing homes. I am now well versed in benefits, resources and area facilities and would be happy to pass along what has worked and not worked for our family.