Being a Realtor® during a pandemic seems to most closely resemble a ride on a Six Flags roller coaster. In the beginning, when everyone was told to stay home for two weeks, I wasn’t sure when or if I would work again. Then, Realtors® were deemed essential but with still little known about the virus, I was afraid to work. Next came the mass exodus from New York City and I had never been so busy in my career.

Two years later there is such a limited supply of homes on the market that agents like myself are still busier than ever but with less to show for our efforts. Low inventory means homes are receiving multiple offers, which leads the sellers to request ‘best and final’ offers from interested buyers. In other words, you’ll be bidding blind against competing buyers. Many homes are selling in one weekend for $50,000 to $100,000 over the listed price.

In this climate, it is not uncommon to lose several bidding wars before your offer is accepted. Hang in there. I have strategies to help you determine what your offer should be. I have data to support those strategies and, just like I haven’t given up on being a Realtor®, I will never give up on finding you your dream home. Contact me today if now is the time and you are ready to Get Moving with Megan!