One of the stipulations for sellers is that their home be left ‘broom clean’ in time for the final walk through. As you can imagine, packing up every single item and making sure every single drawer and cupboard is empty can be quite a feat. I thought I would take this opportunity to share some of the commonplace and in one instance, hilarious things that have been left behind.

Often times items are left behind that buyers truly appreciate, like extra paint for touch ups, spare siding or even tile. Sometimes a seller will leave lawn care items, especially appreciated when the buyer is coming from an apartment and has never cared for property before.

At my very first closing, the seller left behind his social security card, stuffed behind a drawer in the kitchen. He had probably been missing it for some time. But the most outrageous item left behind at a home was a fluorescent green thong found in the walk-in closet of a million dollar home. First there was a moment of questioning… ‘what is that?’ Then there was a moment of clarity… ‘I think I know what that might be.’ Then there was a moment of humor… ‘seriously?’ Finally, there was a moment of ‘how are we going to get rid of that!?’

So, check, double check and then triple check your drawers and cabinets before handing over your keys!