As many are aware, the real estate market has been ultra competitive these past two years so I’m going to share a little secret today with those of you looking to buy a home… the very best time for buyers who have been strong enough to stay the course is AUGUST! Many sellers listed their homes in early to mid spring and the ones that are still on the market in August are ready to sell.

There are a number of reasons that sellers might be more apt to accept your offer in August. Sellers might be burnt out from straightening up the home and leaving for showings. They might have listed too high and are ready to look at realistic offer prices.

However, my favorite reason for working with buyers in August is that most people take a week or two of vacation during the month of August. This means buyer competition is at an all time low. If a home is new to the market in August and my buyers are still actively looking we have just increased our odds of securing a home tremendously!

So, while other buyers and agents are on vacation, I’ll be here waiting for your call and happily showing homes to help you make your home ownership dreams come true.