My family is always up for an adventure. This spring we are embarking on temporarily adopting two new family members through a program called Rent the Chicken. By the end of the month we will be housing two egg laying hens. The program will be delivering a coop, bedding, feed and of course our hens. We will care for them over the next few months and come November, if we decide we would like to keep our new friends, we can choose to do so. We can also follow the program as intended and return the hens to their farm if we don’t want to keep them.

We are really excited about this project and I promise to keep you posted throughout our journey. If you are interested in renting or hatching your own chickens, visit Rent the Chicken for more info. If you are looking for resources for family friendly activities, be sure to check the next Megan’s Monthly for a list of upcoming family friendly events and activities.