I recently heard a story that can only be described as any pet owner’s worst nightmare. However, it all could have been easily avoided and I hope my sharing it serves as a cautionary tale for others that may find themselves in the same situation.

A family had experienced a fire in their home and were going to be displaced for a number of months. They had a beautiful dog and were asking for help finding placement as their new housing solution did not allow pets. I reached out to my cousin Patti who works with Heaven Can Wait – Northstar Dogs for Adoption to see if she could assist in finding a foster home for this pup. As we chatted about solutions and Patti tried to learn what she could about the dog, it came to light that the woman was not a homeowner, but rather a tenant. Patti mentioned that with tenant insurance, the cost to board the dog would be covered. Unfortunately, this woman did not have tenant insurance and as a result, boarding would be very costly.

You never know what situations life will hand you. It’s best to be prepared. Renters insurance would have opened up far more opportunities for placement so this family could focus on each other and rebuilding their life. I always strongly recommended my clients protect themselves with tenant insurance. For additional tips for tenants, contact me today.