If you are like me, you enjoyed the outdoors this summer. It was a great escape from the confines of our homes during the shutdown this past spring. Now that winter is looming, you might be feeling a little anxious about what it will look like with shorter days and colder weather. I’ve created a list of things I plan to do to keep myself occupied and optimistic until the next bright warm days of spring:

  • Every morning I’ll make it a point to be sure all blinds and curtains are wide open to allow maximum sunlight into our home.
  • I plan to create an outdoor space with a space heater or surrounding the fire pit that is comfortable and inviting so when it is mild enough to get outside, we can.
  • I am gong to paint the darker rooms in our home a lighter, brighter color. I enjoy painting and love creating a change of scenery with a simple can of paint. Our first project will be my husband’s office. Stay tuned…
  • I will hike or walk any time the weather permits, while keeping in mind it will be darker and colder quicker than expected so I should always be aware of the time of day and distance from my car.
  • I will be moving a comfy chair to a space in our home that gets a large amount of natural sunlight and pick up a book. There is no better escape.

What will you be doing this winter to brighten your days? I look forward to hearing your ideas.