Wow! I cannot believe October is upon us. My family decided that this year we are going to put extra care and effort into our holiday traditions. When the girls were little I used to decorate the whole house for Halloween, inside and out! We would make treats for class holiday parties and every year, for as long as they would let me, I made their costumes. We had some great ones – a trash can, an eyeball, a brain. We would have so much fun creating together. The best part was that the costumes didn’t have to be perfect. They were made with love and that was all that was important!

As they got older and interests changed and life got busier, we were very quick to pass up on the fun traditions we had created to welcome in new events in our lives. Now, we are taking a step back. Our time at home these past few months has allowed us to appreciate the time we spent together and created a longing to get back to those days. A time when we can bake home made treats or spend an afternoon on a craft or puzzle. We are longing for rice crispy treats and home made halloween decorations this year. What will you be doing to make your holidays special?