When my kids were little, we took a family vacation to Disney. Our younger daughter has always been more of a risk taker and a daredevil, while our older daughter has always been more conservative in her approach to things. On this particular trip, our younger daughter was frustrated because she was not quite tall enough for all of the coasters. Likewise, our older daughter was not quite ready to take the risk of riding them, but she did tackle a few. It was on this vacation that we coined a new Murphy family phrase… the ‘roller coaster spirit’. We would look at each ride and determine if our daughter did in fact have her ‘roller coaster spirit’. To this day we reminisce about trips to the Land of Make Believe, Great Adventure and other parks and we will say things like, “That was a great trip even if she didn’t have her ‘roller coaster spirit’ or “Remember when we went on that ride. We all had our ‘roller coaster spirit’ that day.”

Real estate is very much like a roller coaster in a million different ways. As an agent, business comes in waves with some months at the pinnacle of the coaster and other months chugging up the hill. Similarly, buyers and sellers experience a roller coaster of their own. All of the prep work prior to listing or making an offer is equivalent to the chug up the hill and getting an offer is a pinnacle. Then the home inspection is another chug up a hill and receiving the loan commitment another free fall of excitement and so on until the ride ends and the safety bar is lifted. 

Even though there are challenges that can at times make me question my ‘roller coaster spirit’ in this daunting business, I think I will always be ready to raise my arms, feel the rush of air on my face and enjoy the ride! Thank you for taking this journey with me!