I recently had an amazing experience that I can only credit to social media, my former clients and friends. While hosting an open house, a local couple came in to look around. We spoke briefly and they determined that the home we were in was not the one for them. They were currently renting but were ready to make the move to home ownership. I asked some more questions about what specifically they were looking for and learned they were not working with another agent so I offered to help them with their search. Their response was absolute music to my ears:

“Megan, we have seen your reviews online and whenever someone asks for a Realtor on Facebook so many people recommend you. We would love to work with you!”

Our journey was not an easy one. We lost two bidding wars, saw numerous homes that just didn’t quite fit their needs, waited out the shut down and eventually, the right home in the right neighborhood appeared. We were prepared to do what we needed to do to make the home theirs and they are now happy homeowners.

I am grateful to them for their business, but I am also grateful to all of you. A like, a share and a positive comment can really go a long way. Please know I recognize these acts and I appreciate them!

If we have worked together and you have been pleased with my service, please consider leaving a review on Zillow, Facebook or Google. I am always happy to do the same for you.