A community is built on traditions. Many towns in Bergen County hold traditional celebrations during holidays. Here in Ridgewood, some of our traditions include celebrating Memorial Day with the Ridgewood Run; school commencements with graduates dressed in all white; Fourth of July with a festive parade and nighttime fireworks; and holiday tree and menorah lightings with music, food and merriment.

During the pandemic this year, so many of these gatherings have been cancelled or gone virtual but the community has come together in amazing ways to continue to make them special. Many runners took to the streets in their own neighborhoods in lieu of the annual Ridgewood Run. The flag still rose on Maple Ave. on the Fourth of July. Just yesterday, the Ridgewood High School graduates, without any audience of friends & family, took to the field, dressed in their white suits and gowns, for their official graduation ceremony.

All of these celebrations may look and feel different right now but the community behind them is still there and going strong. If you’re looking for a town that fosters community or wondering which one would be the best fit for you, contact me today. I am always happy to share my knowledge of the Bergen County area.