I can certainly sympathize with small business owners during this time. There was a brief moment of panic before real estate was deemed essential where I was unsure what was going to come next. How much of a pivot was I going to need to make to keep my business afloat? Those moments of panic have stayed with me as I realize the plight of many small businesses in our area and across the county. As a result, my family and I have agreed that we will do what we can to support the businesses in our area. Below are some of the businesses that we’ve supported during this time. I’m sure the list is longer, but if anything looks like it might be a business you would also like to support, simply click the link and determine how you can help.

Marketing and Graphic Design: Fluet Creative

Birthday Signs: Ridgewood Party Rental

Cocktails: Park West Tavern

Specialty Meats: Steve’s Market

Flowers: Rhosler’s Nursery

Baby Gifts: Waddle ‘n Swaddle

Yard-work and Mulch: Tri-County Landscaping

Raised Bed Garden: Four Seasons Gardening 908-783-5733


Sal’s Pizza: (201) 327-8929