As a way to stay connected with the people in my life, I have been checking in regularly with my clients, friends, and family. In a scary and stressful time, I am finding comfort in the responses I am receiving. Many of my friends and I are at a comfort level that we can be 100% honest. We share what works in our daily routine, what irks us about our quarantine-mates and try to encourage one another that we can get through this as we would any other tough time. 

My family shares much the same dialog. We are concerned for one another, we offer help to one another and we express our frustrations too.

However, in these uncertain times, I am truly enjoying hearing from my clients. Clients who have moved from the city are thrilled to have more space and a yard to play in. I’ve received pictures of kids outside playing with their siblings, chalking their driveways and doing household chores together. If we really force ourselves to find a bright side in this frightening and tumultuous time, it is that we are getting back to basics. We are learning how to appreciate what we have and who we have and we are re-learning these things together. Please send me pictures of the projects you are working on and creative ways you and your family are spending this time together. I would love to see them and may even share them in an upcoming post or newsletter.

Be well and stay safe.