What’s happening in the real estate world as a result of the current environment?

It’s an interesting time. I’m sure all agents are experiencing different things in their individual businesses, but here’s what I’m seeing in mine:

  • Serious buyers are still actively looking. I get messages and calls daily from the handful of buyers I am currently working with who are looking to purchase and have made homeownership their goal for the spring. Interest rates are at an all time low which makes now a very appealing time to buy.
  • I currently have one listing for sale and one rental listing on the market. I decided at the last moment yesterday to cancel the open house in the interest of ‘Social Distancing’. I’m keeping current with the agents in my market and determining who has the best safety measures in place and if that is enough for me to have a further discussion with my seller. At the present time, I do not feel any further open houses are in my seller’s best interest ‘health wise’. I intend to create a virtual open house and look forward to the opportunity to embrace this type of technology.
  • I currently have six (hopefully seven later today) homes under contract. All but two have been through the inspection/appraisal phase. Later this week, I will have my first two home inspections in this new environment. My plan is this – I will be on site. I will open the homes and will be available for questions and concerns but will keep my distance. Both homes are my listings, meaning I represent the sellers, not the buyers, and technically I do not need to be present, but it is in the best interest of my sellers for someone to be on hand to answer any questions that might come up.
  • I have been contacted by one attorney’s office that agents are not to attend closings. The attorney will sign documents with the buyers but they are limiting the number of people who will be in the room and in close proximity with one another. 
  • My office is going out of its way to deliver value to its employees. There are online classes, chats, text groups, etc. Our leadership is effectively communicating and practicing new safety measures in our office.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me via phone or text at (551) 206-4890 or through Facebook Messenger. Stay safe and stay diligent about your health and protecting your family.