Recently, we adopted a second dog and have welcomed him into our home with loving arms. He is a wonderful addition to our family, perfect in every way, and still… he could use a little training. Each week I bring him to a class in Westwood and we work for an hour in a warehouse with a number of other dogs of different breeds and sizes. As I have reflected on this process, I am able to relate it to my own training through Keller Williams.

Keller Williams is the number one training company in the WORLD. As a learning-based individual, I can’t imagine anywhere I’d rather work. I am challenged by colleagues to read the latest leadership books and am constantly registering for and attending training programs offered by my company, such as BOLD (Business Objective, a Life by Design). I also attend an annual ‘Family Reunion’ training event. I’m learning that success comes down to the same basic principles repeated over time. Taking small steps, making them routines and repeating them over time. It takes grit and determination. It can get frustrating and there are times I want to give up. However, persistence, support and a willingness to push forward gets me closer to my goals every day. 

Moe, our rescue, is also learning the benefits of training. He is learning that through small processes and repeated instruction he too can master feats he never imagined possible. Well, let’s not get crazy! We’re still working on sitting and staying, but like everyone and everything, it’s a work in progress and as long as we are open to learning, practicing, failing and not giving up we will eventually find success.

If you’d like to be a part of the number one training company in the WORLD, contact me today and I can put you in touch with a team leader in your area that can help you get started.