So you’ve decided to sell your home. Your agent (hopefully me) is going over the schedule of what’s to come and she mentions a Realtor® or broker tour. What on earth?

Much like an open house, a Realtor® tour is a fantastic tool that benefits both agents and home sellers. Each town has a different day(s) that are scheduled through the Multiple Listing Service to conduct tours. Your listing agent will make arrangements to serve lunch, drinks, desserts or treats and will open the home to agents and brokers during daytime hours on those scheduled days.

This practice is a benefit to sellers because agents who visit the home are typically looking on behalf of their clients for homes that match their price or description. Agents will likely grab some lunch and leave calling their clients. They will let them know the specifics of the home and if they recommend setting up a private showing. I always like to tell my clients that we need to cast a wide net. The more customers and agents we can get to see the home, the better!

This practice is a benefit to agents because first and foremost – free lunch! Second, agents can get a better sense of their market by visiting the homes on tour. They get to see the condition and price and compare it to other homes in the area. Finally, if the listing agent is hosting the tour they are available to answer important questions that might not be addressed in the MLS paperwork.

So, when offered the option of hosting a broker tour, always agree. You never know where your future buyer will find your home! Contact me today to learn more about getting your home listed for sale.