Last summer we contacted three separate area landscapers to come mulch our property. Not only was it difficult to get calls back, but, when we finally did hear back, the estimates were high and the timeframe for the work to be completed was beyond when we were hoping it would be.

This year, we called a local company, Hillman & Son Landscaping, who has been advertising quite aggressively on a local app. There’s something about hustle. I recognize it as it has become a staple in my professional life. If I’m not hustling every day and trying to get creative about ways to market myself, I’m not working hard enough.

We received a call back the same day. Not only that, we received an estimate the same day and the project was completed within the week. I have a huge amount of respect for this small business and I recommend them highly! As I continue to grow my business, if you have been happy with my service, I would greatly appreciate your referrals as well.