While the ideal transaction is one that has zero hiccups along the way, there are things that can come up and when they do, it’s always best to have a professional on your side to clear those roadblocks for you.

One of my recent home sales encountered nearly every possible problem that can exist in a real estate transaction, beginning with the radon test. Unfortunately, the results came back above the allowable limit but I was able to recommend a reputable company I have worked with in the past and a remediation unit was installed with a positive result.

Next, there was an issue with the appraisal. I was able to reach an agreement with the buyers agent and get the sale back on track.

Finally, on closing day, my client hired a company recommended by her friend. They showed up with an inadequate vehicle and the process was not moving along quickly enough to have her out by the time of the walk through. With some creative problem solving (including rolling up my own sleeves), we were able to come up with a solution that allowed my client to be prepared for the walk through and to close on time. 

Many people think a Realtor’s job ends when an offer is accepted. I was able to show my value from the day I was hired through the day the sale closed!

I’m also readily available to offer referrals for any needs my clients might have after closing, such as painters and handymen. It’s always best to have a licensed Realtor in your corner. 

If I can assist you with your real estate needs contact me today!