In a town like Ridgewood that is super saturated with Realtors (over 400 in my own Keller Williams office!), I often try to think of ways to make myself stand out. In addition to my marketing and sales strategies, it’s my focus on constant communication that sets me apart. This is really true for any client-focused business, so I though I’d share my top three tips for communicating with clients.

1. Choose a Method. Typically at the end of my first meeting with a client, we discuss favorite means of communication. Some clients prefer phone calls, some prefer texts, while others choose email as the easiest and best way to contact them. I’ve even had a few clients who communicate almost exclusively through emoji!

2. Be accessible. No matter which method of communication my clients prefer, I can be reached at almost any time. I would challenge you to speak with any of my ‘clients for life’ to ask if while I was helping them with their transaction I was easily accessible.

3. Set expectations. Believe it or not, there are times when I cannot get to my phone. When life happens, I go out of my way to set expectations for my clients. I let them know I am headed into a meeting or am headed out of town for the weekend. I also like to send a weekly email letting clients know what to expect in the coming days. I have found that it is important to let people know what will be coming next, what their responsibilities are for the week and what I will be doing on their behalf. Once we get to a certain stage in the transaction, when all of the contingencies have been met, I let them know they will not be hearing from me as frequently but that, as always, I am available should they have additional questions or concerns.

I pride myself on being present in real estate transactions and through feedback from various clients, I know this is one of, if not THE most important, characteristic in a real estate agent. If you’d like to know more about your local real estate market, give me a call, send me a text or maybe just a smiley face emoji – whatever works for you!