A few years ago, my holiday gift giving changed. Instead of things, I started purchasing experiences for my husband and kids. 

For my husband, I like to go out on Small Business Saturday and purchase ‘dates’ for the year. I focus on local coffee shops, restaurants, yoga studios, juice bars, desert places, a night out for cocktails, etc. Then, once a month we choose one and spend time together. We are supporting local businesses and we are supporting our marriage and family. 

Last year, I decided to do the same for our girls. They got their usual gifts of clothing and technology, but then I created a number of ‘sister dates’ for them to go on. Our oldest had just gotten her license, so I purchased a package of car wash gift cards that they could use together for an afternoon out, a movie gift card, a special beach blanket for a beach day and, of course, a gift card to their favorite restaurant – The Fireplace in Paramus! They loved it and can’t wait to see what kind of ‘sister dates’ they’ll be set up on this year. 

There are so many unique opportunities available in our community. I’m open to any and all additional ideas that you suggest. Happy Holidays!