Recently I had to undergo a procedure that left me uncomfortable and unable to drive for two weeks. I can honestly say that I knew my family would step up (thank you mom, Matthew, Madison and Mia), but I was touched and comforted when my work family also stepped up in such a tremendous way. Meals, flowers and other goodies were a never ending parade through the door. All those things were wonderful and brightened my spirits, but what really made all the difference was the professional help of my team (no, not that kind).

During the past week, while I have been homebound with only my phone and computer by my side, I was able to help clients begin the process of buying a home and listing their own. It sounds impossible and I would never believe it could be true, but it’s happening. My colleagues and my support team really knocked my socks off! 

Pre-procedure, I showed my clients a home they were interested in and also visited their home to begin preparing for their listing. Post procedure, a colleague was able to show them another home and I wrote up their offer immediately after. The best news – it was accepted!

Next, I called in my stager, Erin, who is always available for my clients. She puts a sparkle and shine on all of my listings and was able to work her magic, sending me occasional photos for feedback and also out of excitement. We both get energized by the exhilaration of the home selling process. Once the home looked perfect, I scheduled the photographer who took outstanding photographs as usual, even coming a day early to avoid the impending inclement weather. I input the listing in the NJMLS and that’s when Melissa, my marketing strategist, put together posts and videos promoting the home and open house.

Finally, I was able to schedule a colleague and good friend to work the open house in my place. This colleague knows the area well and will be able to answer any and all questions potential buyers might have. While I take pride in being in control of my own business, I’m honored and humbled that, with the help of my trusted team of professionals and a ton of communication, we were able to get it all done! 

I just need one last thing – a huge turnout at the open house! Please stop by 658 Grove St. in Ridgewood on Sunday, 11/18, from 1-4pm. I can guarantee this show stopper will not last long.